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South Suffolk Learning Trust


Excellence through Collaboration

Welcome to South Suffolk Learning Trust

South Suffolk Learning Trust is a group of schools that firmly subscribes to our mission of excellence through collaboration to provide the best possible outcomes for all learners.

Schools that work within our Trust have a culture of sharing best practice, supporting each other when times are tough and allowing staff to use their skills and talents across the Trust to not only raise the bar but to develop staff to use their talents to help others succeed.  We are passionate about developing our teachers and leaders.

Our collaborative approach means we discuss which elements of policy and practice should be standardised, aligned or kept at a local level to ensure we can focus on the core business:  our students.

We have a Trust Improvement Plan to support our schools with additional resourcing to help them achieve their school improvement priorities.


We believe that developing the attributes below in all members of our learning community is essential in achieving our vision:

  • Showing respect and tolerance
  • Valuing relationships
  • Being inclusive
  • Celebrating achievement
  • Demonstrating positivity

I look forward to welcoming you to our schools.

Sarah Skinner | CEO